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Why I shoot digitally in street photography

April 1, 2024
street photography

Here we go again; It’s always the same routine, which camera do you use? Theoretically everyone does street photography with the camera they prefer, and there isn’t necessarily one better than the other. Personally, I wouldn’t tell anyone to exclusively shoot in digital or film, or to use a particular lens or camera brand. I think that the camera we use in the streets must reflect also our style, but I’ll explain that concept better in a little while. However, I know why I can’t give up digital at the moment and there are at least five main reasons for this.

street photography

  1. Firstly, I take a lot of photos in a sort of stream of consciousness, much like what I learned from studying a master like Daido Moriyama (snapshots, impulses and so on). I capture whatever caught my attention striking me. It serves  also to exorcise fear and shyness when I start a street photography session, but it’s also an opportunity for experimentation and self-testing in particular situations. I make you an example: on a bad day, I might take around 70 photos in 1-1,5 hours. When I’m really inspired I can easily shoot 300 to 400 photos in an hour and a half/two hours.
  2. Secondly, the financial aspect. Since I take so many photos, who would fund my film purchases and development costs? It’s not a stupid issue, it’s a real and huge problem especially thinking that in such way shoot digitally is free (of course except equipment costs). I would need hundreds of photographic rolls with the related expenses to develop them. 
  3. Thirdly, time is a factor. For me, the allure of film extends to the darkroom experience, which requires time (that I don’t have) and a certain level of expertise to learn it (which I lack, so I would need more time to acquire it).
  4. Fourthly, digital versatility allows me to salvage any mistakes from the raw files, like exposure issues. Plus, I can always decide whether to shoot in color or black and white during editing, or even both. I can adjust ISO settings on the spot.
  5. Lastly, viewing the photo on the screen helps me understand what I’m capturing and how. It’s become an essential reference point that I can’t do without.

street photography

street photography

By the way I’m not telling you that I’m not attracted to film at all. On the contrary I’d like to shoot sometimes using an analogue camera (not developing by myself film unfortunately). I’m checking a compact camera on internet, but prices are crazy! So in the next future I’ll try to buy an analogue camera  starting to shoot also with film. But digital will be ever and ever my favorite one, my first choice without any doubt. Actually in my street photography I’m using Ricoh GRIII (best one), iPhone 13pro, rarely Fuji-Xe3.



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 Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S


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