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Travel in Bretagne, France: landscape photography

January 19, 2020
landscape photography

I’ve made a travel in France in 2017 visiting Loira and Bretagne in about 10 days by car. Bretagne is absolutely  one of the best landscape I’ve ever seen in my life, probably because i love the sea. This region has a wonderful rocky coast, famous for his lighthouses and villages as Mont Saint Michael (but i didn’t visit it). Unfortunatly I visited France in spring time; the weather was good i’ve had many sunny days but i’d like to be there in winter to have the chance to photograph marine storms. Weather condition wasn’t perfect during my trip, anyway i took photos of wonderful seascapes. I was fascinated by the “majesty” of the rocky coasts, by the power of the wind and by the melancholy of isolated lighthouses.

I made many long expositions, using my reflex (nikon D800), a wide-angle lens (Nikkor 17-35 mm f2,8) and a Manfrotto tripod. To obtain long expositions of 10-20 minutes during the day I’ve mounted on my lens the LEE ND filters Big and Little Stopper, for about 16 stops. Nikon D800 is not the best camera for this kind of shooting; for example you have to set noise reduction, a function that works for the same exposure time. This is important to avoid noisy images when you shoot long expositions.

Here is a small selection of few photos taken in Bretagne. In Bretagne there was often a cloudy sky and high winds, the perfect weather for long expositions. The first one is probably the best sunset I’ve had for colors and clouds. Foreground is interesting but sincerely I’d prefer to have this sunset over a lighthouse.

landscape photography

I was lucky in this shot for the perspective given by clouds movement. But light was very bad, it was midday. The vignetting is a problem given by wide-angle and Lee filters mounted on it.

landscape photography

One of my favorite shot taken in Bretagne. I was on the rocky coast, wind was really strong and it was difficult to obtain long exposition avoiding blurry shots.  This is a blockhouse of II World War.

landscape photography

Nice color at sunset but unfortunately no clouds in the sky that is empty

landscape photography

landscape photography

A long exposition taken in Brest, the biggest city of Bretagne.

landscape photography

One of the best location I’ve visited, The petit minor lighthouse. Unfortunately sky was completely covered by clouds at sunset. I spent here many hours and this is my best shot in my opinion. The color version has too much blue (it was the blue hour). The cherry on top is the light on.

landscape photography

That’s the only portrait made during the trip. I had in mind only landscape photography but when I’ve seen this local men I was fascinated by his face and the light on it. I’ve asked him for few shots and he agreed.

travel photography


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