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Surreal street photography session

July 18, 2020
surreal street photography

It has been a surreal street photography session. I’ve taken this photo last winter in Rome before the covid lockdown due to coronavirus during a street photography session in the morning. In this particular photo the location was Fontana di Trevi in the city centre. Streets were full of people and tourists yet, it was another world than now. I made three shots of this scene while I was walking. The second picture, which is the chosen photo, was obtained by chance. In fact I realized only in a second moment watching  at the screen of my Ricoh what I really had just photographed. The scene is surreal and funny at the same time. Probably the frame is a bit confusing but I’ve been lucky because the main subject was in the centre of the scene.

Surreal street photography: the series

Here is the whole sequence of this surreal street photography shot. As you can see the woman and the child were always in the same pose. In the second photo the juxtaposition is perfect, here is the shot selected. Juxtaposition is a famous technique used in street photography to obtain surreal and/or funny shot playing on perspective. In this case the final result was given only by chance. I was interested in making a close portrait of the woman because I like her hand gestures and expression. I was lucky enough because serendipity and fortune helped me this time, they created order by chaos.

surreal street photography

surreal street photography

surreal street photography

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