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Street photography with flash

February 5, 2020
street photography flash

A small sessione of street photography with flash made one evening at Vernissage Rome. I’ve used a pocket flash (the Q20 II) mounted on my Ricoh GRIII. As usual I had problem with trigger for remote control so I’ve used the flash directly on my camera. Essentially I tried to capture “long exposition” at night using flash. After pressing the shutter button I shaked the camera to obtain blurry shots. In this way I’ve taken interesting surreal photos, but for differente elements the result is absolutely random. I’ve lost many interesting situations for problems due to expositions, flash power or shutter speed. But at the end of the evening I was happy with these few street shots. I took photos inside the exposition and outside in the street of Trastevere (Rome). In post-production essentially I’ve played with sharpness and contrast.


street photography flash



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