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Street photography portraits #1

March 26, 2019
street photography portrait

Street photography portraits no. 1 – Shooting street portraits is always exciting. Generally I ask for permission to photograph people. If you look like a tourist there are less problems, because tourists usually take pictures of places and local people, it’s a normal thing. Generally persons on the street are shy and suspicious if you ask them the permission to take a photo. Why do you want photograph me? Do you like my beard? How do you use that photo?

Today some people are distrutful because photos are charged on social media like facebook and instagram. Poor people sometimes are afraid that you’re a photojournalist. Probably the best way to approach people in street is smile and tell the truth. If they say no, say thank’u and move on. It’s really difficult to photograph strangers on the streets, but it is also really funny and exciting.

Street photography portraits – 1

street photography portrait

First series of street photography portraits taken by me asking for permission to people. Usually I like shooting street portraits using wide angles lens instead of tele. With wide-angle I’ve to stay more close to my subject. I use each type of camera from smartphone to compact, from mirrorless to reflex.

street photography portrait

What is really important for me is the subject and of course a good light. Often my subjects are homeless, they are more simple to photograph and have more interesting and beautiful faces. But sometimes I take portraits of common people on the streets, but it is more difficult, I’m a shy person so it’s not really simple for me to stop strangers asking to photograph their faces.

street photography portrait

Street photography it’s not simply taking pictures on the street: it’s about love and curiosity for human beings, it’s about social interactions… This is not a normal hobby. When you do street photography interacting with people is more than simple enjoyment and art: it’s the celebration of the human being.

street photography portrait

Perhaps it is a more difficult style than landscape one in my personal opinion. Landscape photography requires more free times and money but for street photography you need more “courage” and less fear to take pictures of strangers.

…to be continued…


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