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Street photography: last update on my Instagram

March 11, 2020
instagram street photography

Street photography Instagram account – I’m really happy with the last photo posted in my instagram account. I’ve taken it many months ago in summer time during a lucky street photography session in Rome. I’ve seen the scene with these two lovers from afar and I’ve started to photograph. Unfortunately I was walking fast, I’ve cut-off head from the frame, I know it, but this photo is pure street, spontaneous, inaccurate, tilted… I like the position of the two faces and the chiasm created by the arms of two lovers, this is the centre of the scene, the focal point. I’ve shoot different pictures of the same scene than I walked back but the couple moved on… I always like to take photographs of lovers, every kiss or hug is different from each one, the scene is never trivial.  I post here the “digital contact scene” to show how I worked the scene. I’ve taken many photos from different positions. The moment was magnetic and awesome but, in my opinion, I was too hasty and I’ve missed other potential good shots, probably even better than this one. Next time I’ll be calmer and I’ll linger more on the scene.

instagram street photography

I’ve made also a bw version of the same picture. In my opinion the color one is better than this. With black and white there is more confusion between grey wall and grey arms of two lovers. Instead I like the light hot tonalities of the original photo in colors.

instagram street photography

That’s all folks

Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S

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