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Street photography, last update on my Instagram: love in Rome

May 30, 2020

Let’s talk again about my street photography in Rome. This is the last picture posted on my Instagram account santini_francesco. I’ve taken this photo few months ago before the lockdown due to Sars-cov2 pandemia. It was sunday I was walking in Piazza Venezia (Rome) when I saw this nice couple in front of me. I started to follow them without being intrusive. I took few pictures waiting for the decisive moment: the kiss. I’ve taken a small series of photos of this nice couple. I post-produced the selected image (at the opening of the article) in black and white because colors create confusion without adding anything more to the scene.

This is the original order, these photos are converted in jpeg without any post-production. When I watched the whole series on my laptop I preferred the first picture: lovers are smiling, mouth are a bit opened and I like the hand gesture. They were talking before kissing.

Instagram street photography


After a while I realized that the second shot had more visual impact. The moment of the kiss has arrived, I feel more emotion in scene. In my opinion the cherry on top is the dualism between girl’s hand in foreground with woman’s hand in the background; love in foreground, drama and mystery in background, a nice conceptual contraposition. I didn’t notice the second woman while I was taking the photo on the street but only after when I re-watched the picture at home.

Instagram street photography


As usually happens in street photography after few seconds the beautiful moment disappeared in front of my eyes. I continued to follow the two lovers trying to work the scene but the magic was over.

Instagram street photography

Instagram street photography

Instagram street photography

That’s all folks

Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S

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