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Street photography: last update on my instagram #11

March 29, 2020
Instagram street photography

Street photography last update on my Instagram. I’ve recently posted a street photo taken in Rome few months ago with Ricoh. My idea was to hide head behind balloons just like the picture you see. I’m happy with the final result. I like the surrealism of that image, with the child’s face covered by colorful balloons, it creates mystery and doubt; in fact looking at clothes we don’t know if the child is male or female. I like also t the way he/she holds the thread, hands gestures are important in photography. The “plus” for the surreal look of the image, in my opinion, are the two mannequins in the background. The right side of the picture is a bit empty but I was walking fast and I’ve taken only a photograph of that moment shooting instinctively.

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