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Street photography in Rome – Deflagration!

December 10, 2023
street photography Rome

Just updated my instagram account, I’m doing it very rarely in the last two years. I’ve posted a picture taken during covid-19 pandemia, it was march 2021, obviously I was doing street photography in Rome. Usually I hate giving titles to my pictures. But I have the perfect one for this image and it is Deflagration! I like how it sounds and the way this title describe the scene. In my mind it has a metaphorical meaning, it is a sort of confusion/exhaustion of modern man crushed by a life that runs faster than him. I’d like to develop more this theme in my future street photography: crisis and madness of modern man, it is like an atomic detonation.

The tecnique used to shot Deflagration is simple: I had sun in front of me and so I started taking photos against light trying to “burn” people’s head. Here is best result of the day, but I tried other times to do that with similar results.

Here is another example, another day always in Rome, it was at sunset (Pincio location), basically same idea, same technique.

street photography Rome

Hope you’ll find interesting this. Thank u for your time.

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