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Street photography: how I made “love in St. Petersburg”

December 21, 2020
street photography St Petersburg

I’ve taken this picture in St. Petersburg during a short night session of street photography. It was February 2020, just before Covid-pandemia, I took this photo in my first evening in this wonderful city. I’ve been in Russia in winter to find snow, but as you can see it was raining. I’m very happy to have taken this wonderful photo during my first street photography session in St. Petersburg. I call this frame also love at 40 Km/h but I prefer think at it as “love in St. Petersburg“. I like to write a short article “behind the scene”, telling how I made the shot working the scene.

Street photography St. Petersburg

I was walking along the Nevski Prospect, the most important and central street of St. Petersburg. That evening was cold, about 0 degrees Celsius. I saw this nice couple, they were hugging each other at a red traffic light. I started to take some pictures from behind: in front of my eyes there was a classic scene, but no kiss yet. I took a few pictures of the moment. I like the reflexes on the street, perfect for a magic atmosphere like this one.

street photography St Petersburg

After many meters I met again this couple. They were kissing over a bridge in front of a red traffic light. I was really close and I decided to take different pictures of that moment. They were really kind, the boy was kissing her nose. In my opinion the “cherry on top”of this image is the light over their heads. At some point they noticed me, the girl opened eyes and started smiling a bit embarassed. After that they continued to kiss. When green light came on they stopped and continued to walk. The magic moment went away with them.

This is the whole series, a total of 16 photos. I posted best picture at the opening of this article hoping you’ll appreciate it.

street photography St Petersburg


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