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Street photography: happiness is just around the corner

January 25, 2024
Street photography

A series of street shots taken in 2021 in Rome.This is a series with a depression mood (obviously the title is ironic), I’ve already done one in the past. In such way this is my way to look at life with a melancholic eye, simply that’s me. So it’s not a mysterious that this is also my street photography style. I feel naked showing you these pictures because you’re looking directly to my soul.

I’ve talked about a depression mood also in previous posts, for example analyzing Van Gogh and Munch. By the way this article is to remember, again one more time, that “YOU HAVE TO FIND YOUR PERSONAL VIEW AND STYLE IN STREET PHOTOGRAPHY”. That’s what works for me.

Depression mood, sadness, but this time only pictures in colors, no photos in black and white. I feel I’m changing my post-production process looking more for desatured colors instead of classic black and white.


Street photography

Street photography

Street photography

Street photography

Street photography

Street photography




That’s all folks


 Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S


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