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Street photography gallery: a new entry

December 7, 2020
Underground street photography

I’ve just added another picture to my super-selected street photography gallery. I’ve posted this image few months ago when I was talking about my recent travel in Russia this winter. Image was taken with smartphone in February 2020. I was on a train in St. Petersburg underground in front of these two splendid lovers that didn’t notice me. So I was free to take a lot of pictures selecting the best one which is the images published above. 

This is how I worked the scene. Smartphone is perfect in that situation, it is unobtrusive and silent. You can pretend to message or watch the screen for other purposes. Everybody has a phone today, so no one takes care about you; you’re only a person with his smartphone as other thousands people on the streets. That is a perfect example how a scene can evolve in front of your eyes if you linger on it. But you have to be discrete, no one has to notice you. Don’t break the magic. If I can give you a suggestion try to be natural and never never watch your subjects directly into their eyes. 

Russia photoblog travelRussia photoblog travel

This is a variant, actually my second choice. I like the kindness of the moment.

Russia photoblog travel

And this is my favorite one, the image I posted in my street photography gallery, emotion section. I tried also a black and white version but honestly it work better in colors.

Russia photoblog travel



That’s all folks


Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S

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