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Street photography: evolution in the last decade

September 11, 2020
modern street photography

Modern street photography is evolving. In the last decade style has completely changed. First of all street photography, thanks to social media and digital cameras, has been successful after 2010. A lot of collectives, contests, workshops, exhibitions, blogs (included this one) were born in the last ten years. But most of all style has changed differentiating modern street photographers from the past. Thanks to web and social like Instagram today it’s easy to get in touch with other famous (or not famous) photographers. You can try to emulate or simply be inspired by their street photography. For example many artists have chosen to photograph silhouettes and contrasts with closed/dark shadows and highlights. It’s simple to realize this kind of street shots that have also great visual impact which is the most important aspect to get easily likes and followers on instagram. I’ve talked about the problem of modern street photography and social in a previous blog. But there is something more to say about the evolution of modern street photography in the last decade…

modern street photography
Elliot Erwitt

Modern street photography like futurism in painting

I think that modern street photography is like futurism in art. I’ve in mind the painting made by Umberto Boccioni, La città che sale. This is my exact idea about modern times and modern street photography which is a sort of society mirror. Today we can see a lot of shots made with flash, blurred visions, frames full of bright colors or many people in different layers. Photography on the streets has became more frenetic and dynamic, there are less classic photos. We live in the era of technology, computers, today all Is fast and frenetic starting with our morning routines. Street photography is actually going in the same direction of our frenetic lifes, I’m sure about this. There are many differences between a shot made by Henry Cartier Bresson or Richard Kalvar and one taken for example by Barry Talis, a famous member of one of the most impostante street photography collective in the world, Burn my eye. Personally I’m still preferring a more classic style. A kiss with the city in the background without flash, blurred lights or other is my ideal for street photography, I don’t care about modern times. Today you can see more frequently pictures taken also in strip club and privè, modern aspects of a modern society. Times have changed, subjects and photography too.

modern street photography
Barry Talis


modern street photography
Gabi Ben Avraham


modern street photography
Kanrapee Chokpaiboon


modern street photography
La città che sale By Umberto Boccioni (Futurism)

Opening image by Gustavo Minas (Burn my Eye collective). You can find more about modern street photography looking at collectives on the web. Below I’ve posted the link to an article with more informations about this.

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