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Street photography: common pitfalls of the mind

October 27, 2020
street photography Rome

Mind could be an enemy when you’re doing street photography. Bad thoughts  affect negatively your street session. Your mind must be free, open to reality and everyday life, waiting for the decisive moment and serendipity. Street photography is really hard to practice. Usually I’m lonely on the streets with good and bad thoughts. How many times I feel frustrated to photograph nothing, I start to think that I’m a bad photographer, that strangers scare me and that probably another street photographer would take pictures better than me. How many times I think that I’m wasting my time, that probably going to gym would be better than walking on the street taking random photos of people. Am I crazy? Am I strange? What about etichs?

street photography RomeHow many times I’m slave of chance. How many times I ask myself: why I’m doing this? why I’m taking pictures of strangers? Sometimes I have answers, sometimes I have questions without solutions. Mostly I’m dissatisfied about pictures I take on the streets. I think that I have to change style or subject or method. Sometimes I try to use flash, I try to photograph silhouettes. My biggest enemies are fear and boredom. I’m afraid that someone will yell at me or will ask why I’m taking pictures of strangers. Usually I start happy to make street photography but after one hour of bad photos and no results boredom comes over me. Boredom and fear are my two main enemies in street photography, they affect badly the experience of doing this. These bad feelings tell me not to take photos to strangers, tell me to go home making a normal routine like normal people. They tell me that I’m wasting my time and I’m doing something ethically wrong.


People are looking at me and my camera


I’m wasting my time doing this

Today someone will punch my face

Today is unproductive


My street photography sucks


Another street photographer would take the picture


I’m not good in taking pictures in street



That’s all folks


Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S

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