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Street photography at sea with smartphone

September 6, 2021
street photography sea

First Sunday of September I went to sea, near Rome. After lunch I went out for a walk along the naval port. I spent here the rest of the day until sunset. Light was awesome, atmosphere magic, so I decided to take pictures of different scenes in front of my eyes. You can do street photography everywhere, even without your favorite camera. In fact I was only with my smartphone, perhaps it has a really bad camera quality. By the way I took some interesting images in few minutes, more interesting than other hundred photos taken after hours of street photography in Rome.

street photography sea

street photography sea

street photography sea

The scenography was perfect thanks also to the golden light due to sunset. I can feel when I can catch interesting pictures like a good fisherman can feel the presence of fish. I shot only few scenes, trying to work a bit lingering on them. It was funny, I had great time in doing street photography at sea. Unfortunately I was not alone, I have to go because I was in late. So I lost the “real sunset” and the best light and colors. Maybe I lost other beautiful scenes there. That is my only regret of the day. I’ve posted here best shots of that late afternoon of street photography at sea. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

street photography sea

street photography sea


That’s all folks

 Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S

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