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Smartphone street photography #1

February 20, 2019
smartphone street photography

First series of street photography images taken by me with smartphone in Rome. In such way smartphone is the better camera to do street photography: it isn’t invasive and is always with you in every place (work, church, street, home, gym)!

Thanks to modern technology quality is good enough for street photography, moreover in this kind of photography sharpness isn’t the most important thing.

For me capturing what i feel with my body is more important than technicalities of photography. If the image is shaking it’s Ok, if it’s out of focus it’s Ok. Clarity isn’t what photography is about (Daido Moriyama)

The best camera is the one you have always with you

So having in mind these first thoughts we can say that smartphone is good enough to make street photography. Sometimes in some places it’s the best (and the only) way to take a picture. I am more self confident when i use my phone to take pictures in street, probably because people don’t care about me. I have a phone in my hands as thousands millions of persons today. So i don’t look weird or different…

For these reasons i enjoy taking street photos with phone and sometimes results are also really good. In this first series photos were processed and edited directly on the phone. Pictures posted in this article are only in black and white.

Smartphone street photography, BW:

smartphone street photography

smartphone street photography

smartphone street photography

smartphone street photography

smartphone street photography

smartphone street photography

smartphone street photography


There are different apps for photography in smartphone. If you want to have raw files then use ProCamera app. This app is also good for setting exposure. If you prefer to post-produce directly on your phone I suggest using Snapseed or VCSO.

…to be continued…


Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S


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  • Jeff Chane-Mouye February 26, 2019

    The only problems I have with my smartphone is that there is this shutter lag and that the ergonomy is not very good. I prefer having everytime my little ricoh with me but as you said, smartphones make I you invisible contrary to the tiniest camera…
    Nice set mate

    • Francesco Santini February 26, 2019

      Dear Jeff. Yes it’s true. Smartphones have shutter lag and also an ergonomy not very comfortable! In poor light conditions smartphones are really bad. Ricoh is better. But probably at work or in a closed space (supermarket, gym) smartphone is still the best choice (for me).
      Thank’u 😉

  • Miguel J. Arenas March 5, 2019

    Encantadora muestra de arte. No encuentro palabras como expresar lo aquí observado y comentado. Gracias por compartir los sentimientos del hombre.

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