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Smartphone street photography: September 2021

September 21, 2021
smartphone street photography

September 2021 has been a nice month for my street photography with smartphone, probably because in summer I didn’t take a lot of pictures, this season is always too hot for me. You don’t need a Leica camera to take street photos, you need only a camera, better if always with you. So what about to take pictures with our smartphone? I think that it is even better than a mirrorless. Smartphone is always with you, in your pockets. It is discreet, less people will notice you if you do street photography with a phone. Try by yourself using a reflex or mirrorless instead of an iPhone for example.

Next months will be important because after years I have decided to buy again an iPhone, only for his quality in taking pictures and video. I need a fast camera, lens sharp enough, a good quality also in low light condition and night. iPhone 13 pro has 3 lenses, and it is fast and perfect for my street photography.

By the way this month I re-started to do street photography. I’ve posted few days ago a mini-portfolio with pictures taken at sea with my smartphone.

Let’s see what I made this month. I’ve selected few photos.

First one is my favorite, probably the best. I was going to gym, I’ve seen this nice couple waiting for green light. I started to take pictures while I was walking.

smartphone street photography

Below you can see the whole sequence. I prefer shots taken further away, scene is more idyllic for this perspective. I like it with subject centered.

smartphone street photography

Taken in airport, I was going back to Rome.

smartphone street photography


smartphone street photography

Other shots taken in  the streets using my smartphone.

smartphone street photography

smartphone street photography

smartphone street photography

smartphone street photography


That’s all folks


 Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S



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