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Smartphone street photography #3

May 13, 2019
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This is the third article about my street photography taken with smartphone, the best pocket camera, always with you. Today many smartphones have sensor and lens with awesome quality. You can share and print your photos without problem.

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Here is small series in color and bw. Enjoy it.


The Best Camera is the One You Have With You (Chase Jarvis)

Smartphone street photography #3

An example why “the best camera is the one you have with you”. Street photography is all about to be in right place at right moment. This photo was taken some months ago in the gym. I think this is not perfect, but i like it really much. I think it is funny, minimal, there are beautiful colors. The lying man without shoes was motionless, it seemed dead. Cold colors emphasize the idea of death. It’s a funny image, it has black humor. I’ve taken this picture thanks to my smartphone, it was with me in right place at right time. If you have an expensive mirrorless at home you’ll never take shot in “right place at right moment“. I’m happy with this image; of course it’s not a masterpiece, but i wanted it. Photo was not post-produced.


The second one is another example… I was at work in early morning. I haven’t my mirrorless with me of course. There was this wonderful hot light and a beautiful contrast with shadows. I’ve post produced this directly on my smartphone with Snapseed app increasing the overall contrast of the scene. It seems like Caravaggio’s chiaroscuro, I like also contrast between hot and cold colors.


It was a rainy evening. I’ve finished at work. Outside while I was walking there were en front of me this couple (two girls) with an umbrella. I noticed that they were lighted by cars headlights passing on the street. I’ve tooked a small series and this is the best one in my opinion. Picture has a low quality, subjects are mostly out of focus, but there was no light, it was raining and I was walking fast. I like the mood of the scene.


A funny shot, nice point of view. I like it because it is well composed, i like geometries. That’s a voyeuristic street shot. Black and white conversion made with Snapseed app on my smartphone.


It was summer, really hot day. I was walking down this street and this man was sleeping at bus station under the shadows. I like the light and the contrast in the scene. Also beautiful position of his hands under his chin. Again i haven’t my reflex/mirrorless with me. Thanks to my smartphone I’ve taken this nice street shot.


Last but not least. I don’t remember if this women was blowing her nose or was covering his face from smog. I like her position. This is a dramatic frame, with dynamic diagonals converging in the centre of the scene, on the main subject. I shooted with my smartphone plus a particular wide angle lens mounted on it. I was experimenting indeed.


That’s all folks


Stay well, have always light in your life

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