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Smartphone street photography #2

March 7, 2019
smartphone street photography

Second series about street shots taken, processed and edited on smartphone. Smartphone is an awesome “tool” for street photography: it is a small camera, always with you, fast in shooting, fast and funny in processing and editing.

Here is the link for first series of street photography with smartphone in bw.

As I said in my first article about smartphone street photography i love shooting in street with my phone. No one care about me, I’m invisible because today having a phone in your hands is normal routine.

Of course phone is not always perfect as camera; quality is not good enough in some conditions, for example at night or if you are moving fast and taking pictures. Sometimes you miss the “decisive moment” for “lag shutter”. The ergonomy is another problem when you try shooting.

Smartphone street photography #2 – color

In first blog series about smartphone photography I’ve posted bw shots. In this second series I’ve posted only color street shots. I’ve used a modern smartphone (2015), these photos are taken in Rome.

In that first photo I’ve seen this man with this crazy colored suit crossing the road. He was walking down the street spedly. I was interested in his hands position and of course his wonderful dress. First shot is a minimal one.

smartphone street photography


In this second photo i’ve shooted a more surrealistic view. I was very very close to his hands with my smartphone. I like the perspective and the light pole that seems growing from his head. It was funny.

smartphone street photography


I was in subway when i shooted this “human kebab”. As you see i love to photograph hands gestures.

smartphone street photography


Another one outside the hospital.

smartphone street photography


Street portrait with smartphone. I like the white background, it creats good contrast with blue shirt and jacket.

smartphone street photography


Every morning when i go early to work i see this poetic and wonderful spot of light. That day it was raining, but after a while the sun came out. It was a perfect moment of light, and fortunatly i was with my umbrella. So quickly i’ve taken this nice selfie whit my shadows.

smartphone street photography


These photos were edited and processed with snapseed directly on my phone.

…to be continued


Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S


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