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Artistic selfie in street photography (and life)

May 19, 2019
artistic selfie street photography

Small series about personal artistic selfie in street photography. I like to play with my shadow taking photos with a simple smartphone. It is so funny!

Usually I play with geometries and I try to include in the frame other people. Basically I try to connect my shadow with elements in the scene. It’s a way to watch me inside the world, as I could see me from outside. Unfortunately the perfection of my silhouette (very important element) mostly depends on my outfits.

It is very important the quality of light, better an hot one with red-orange tonality, like at sunset. At this time of the day light is magic, shadows are longer; shapes, colors and contrasts become more interesting than ones at mid day.

You have to check for lines and geometries, and, sometimes, for minimal frame because as I said in a previous article less is more.

Artistic selfies in my street photography

This is a nice moment. I was running in a park, I had only a smartphone with me as camera. I’ve seen this lonely women, I liked her position, she seemed sad and lonely. Quickly I stopped to run, and taking my smartphone I’ve shooted this “selfie”. I like the diagonal between my shadow in foreground and women in background, it gives dynamism and depth to the scene. Thanks to my presence in the frame this women was no longer lonely, at least for a few seconds…

artistic selfie street photography


Me and some strangers at bus/metro station in Rome. An ordinary moment of an ordinary day.

artistic selfie street photography


Probably my best street selfie. Again with my smartphone, I was walking down this street, it was hot. The pose is unnatural I know, but it gives more drama to the scene. It is like me transforming in a deer. I love this shot, very happy to have taken it.

street photography zen


In the next one I was going to work, it’s early morning, rainy and sunny at the same time. In front of my car I saw this wonderful scene.

street photography emotions


Near home, it was winter at sunset. Wonderful hot light and long shadows with awesome contrasts. My pose again is unnatural but I needed this to improve the composition of that frame. It’s a shot full of joy, this was an happy moment for me.

street photography emotions


Similar shot, probably the same day of previous one. Same pose, same light. At this time I’ve post produced it in black and white. It plays on contrasts, lines and geometries. It looks like I am in cage asking for freedom.

street photography emotions


At the end of the day, after work. I was going back to my home. This scene with these elements catched my eyes. I liked light, compositions and geometries.

artistic selfie street photography


An example from a great master: Elliott Erwitt

Here is an example from great Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt. He is an ironic and humanistic street photographer. Often he jokes about life in his shots. This is another example how you can make a funny and artistic selfie using your shadow and elements in the scene. In this picture he has used two flowers as eyes.

artistic selfie street photography
Elliott Erwitt


That’s all folks

Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S

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