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Quit your left brain when you’re doing street photography

January 9, 2021
skies street photography

Your left brain could be the worse enemy when you’re doing street photography. Left brain criticize you, produce fear, make you think, make you more uncomfortable in the streets. In less words it paralyze the action. Active your left hemisphere only at home during the editing process, when you analyze composition and overall quality of your works. But when you’re doing street photography try to use only your right brain which is artistic and creative. When you’re using your right brain you forget about time, you’re in a sort of trance. It is important in any artistic process from drawing to painting to photography to music. So when you are in the street active right brain entering in a sort of creative trance, take photos using your instinct, don’t think to consequences, don’t criticize your methods. At home during the editing use your left brain to analyze compositions and geometries, trying to explain yourself why a photo is good and why another one don’t. Essentially this is also what Henry Cartier Bresson said about the decisive moment and the way to take it!

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