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New photos in street photography gallery

August 8, 2019
smartphone street photography

I select only best photos for my gallery in this site. The images showed here are absolutely my favorite. These galleries are constantly updated. I try to select few pictures. ┬áThis is my idea about selection: if you show in your site 100 photos with 90 nice and 10 excellent you’re a good photographer. But if you show only the best, your 10 excellent shot, you are an excellent photographer. Besides if you upload too many photos no one will see them all because it’s boring. But if you add few images people will watch them all with more attention.

Recently I’ve added three photos in my street photography gallery: two in surreal section and one in emotion. Let’s see better these three images and why I’ve selected them.



street photography

A surreal shot obtained underexposing by -3 exposure during “the shooting”. In post-production I’ve increased contrast and desaturated colors to obtain more drama. Shape is perfect, there is a good “figure to ground” and the photo works very well. The top is, obviously, the face covered by a deep shadow. I wasn’t sure to add this shot in my gallery but in such way I like it very much. Probably I’ll take it off in a second moment because it’s funny but not an excellent shot. Actually I prefer keep it in my surreal gallery.



street photography

A nice and minimal composition with three nuns and a stair. A symbolic image with a great view impact. Lot of people tell me that they love this photo. In my opinion it is a good moment well framed but it doesn’t excite me a lot. I’ve uploaded it in surreal section but it is a bit out of place. I’ve taken this photograph many years ago, I’m happy tom have captured this moment but probably I’ll deleted it soon from my selection. It miss something I don’t know.



street photography

Last one it is my favorite. Taken few days ago with my smartphone during a public event in Rome. I’ve seen this nice moment and soon I’ve started taking some shots hoping in a kiss between the two lovers. I’ve taken a series, kiss never arrived, but I’m happy with this. I’ve uploaded it in emotion gallery, it has also something surreal thanks to the mysterious ear in the foreground (a bit out of focus). I like the composition and different directions of the elements in scene.

street photography composition


That’s all folks

Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S

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