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New street photography series published on instagram

April 28, 2024
Street photography Rome

I’d like to share my work only on this website. Unfortunately I have to work more to implement views. My Instagram account is still the main tool to share my photos (unfortunately again). Let me show last series, I like it really much, same depressed mood as another recently published series. Essentially I think that this is simply my expression in street photography (and life), my vision about human beings condition. As I said before I think that emotion is the most powerful sensation in art and I want give emotion through pictures of really life that in such way represent myself.

But let’s take a look to this new series.

As usual pictures were taken in Rome on 2o21-2022 but I edit them in these days (2024). The title is “slow-cured” as it is written on the cigarette pack of Lucky Strike. There is a sort of black humor and mystery in relating this title to the whole series I know, but I like it probably for this. My favorite one is the picture posted above, I took 3-4 shots of that moment. A woman was crying while a man tried to concolate her. I like the moment as it is but also questions it cain raise: Where they a couple? Were the two breaking up? Did the girl get bad news? Yes definitely this picture is good enough to me, and I the first critic of myself.

Now take a look to the rest of this mini-series.

It was covid-period, worst time to do street photography. Empty streets, masks on face. I preferred to not show faces often, as in the following photo.

Street photography Rome

The image with”slow-cured” slogan, title of this mini-series.

Street photography Rome

Street photography Rome

The following is my second favorite ones. I remember the moment, I was in the streets with other street photographers. A glance and as I was passing by I noticed this scene. Fast, very fast, I was walking there were a lot of people in the streets. I took some pictures without looking but only using instinct and fortune. I like the final result and I choice this one among the other 3-4. I like the pose and the expression too as this tilted and blurred image: spontaneous as my fast reaction.

Street photography Rome

The last photo of this series is probably one of my favourites. I like the child pose, it’s primordial, it gives me a sense of abandonment but I like also light and skin color.

Street photography Rome


This is the end. I hope you’ll enjoy this small series with a depressive mood about life and human condition.That’s simply me.


That’s all folks


 Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S


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