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My surreal street photography

May 7, 2019
street photography candid portraits

Small series of surreal street shots taken by me in Rome. I love surrealism in street photography. These kind of images are so strange and enigmatic. Often I underexposed -2/-3 stop to obtain closed shadows and more saturation. To create more mistery and suspence usually I don’t show people faces.

As I said in previous article we can find surrealism in painting, cinema and photography. Today there are a lot of surreal street shots showed in social media and contest. Henry Cartier Bresson sometimes shooted surreal photos with a total different style.

street photography

Surreal is not real. Images must have mystery showing a different reality, something different that looks weird to our eyes. These pictures don’t give any answer or explanations, but only questions and doubts about what we’re watching.  To create surrealism I play with lights, shadows and contrast of the scene.

street photography


Sometimes i play with contrast bewteen foreground and mysterious background.


Sometimes I try to photograph surreal shadows.


Weird situations with high contrast and strange elements in foreground.

street photography


No heads in my surreal street shots.

street photography


Watch other surreal shots in my gallery.


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  • James Kuo September 14, 2019

    Bravo. Very nice collection.

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