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My street photography during Covid-19 pandemic: thoughts

February 18, 2021
street photography covid

Due to covid-19 pandemic last year was really bad for my street photography. In addition to months with lockdown, when was totally impossible to go out, also the other periods of the year were really unproductive. Less people in the streets, less opportunities, less life… To make matters worse people wear masks covering half face and this is a problem for faces’ expressions. Masks create another annoying and repetitive clichè. I don’t want to transform my street photography in a life documentary describing how cities change during covid-19. I’m not a photojournalist, pictures with persons wearing masks are boring. I like to photograph emotions and surreal moments in the streets. I realize after years of doing this art that, as Alex Webb said, street photography is 99% about failures; now things are even worse with Covid-19.

Street photography with less people

I’m lazy and street photography is difficult also in normal conditions; as I said obviously “game” gets worse if there are less people on the streets, if persons wear a mask and also if you can’t travel around the world. Result: less desire, less practice, bad quality and negative thoughts. It’s difficult to stay inspirated and motivated in this condition. More people means more potential moments to photograph. Try to imagine you want to photograph two lovers. Do you have many chances to find them if there are 100 or 10000 persons in the streets? More people are also important to be less noticed in the confusion, especially if you are using wide angle lens as 24-27 mm. Solutions? Apparently not. You have to accept changes using what you have, do not think to the past. How long will this situation last? I don’t have answers. I have only two chances: to do street photography or not, no easy way out. Maybe this is the moment to change style to try to photograph with different eyes finding something more. Maybe yes, but for the moment I’m searching in the streets the same things  i was searching before Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Maybe the solution is to photograph, don’t think, photograph only.

street photography covid

street photography covid

street photography covid

street photography covid


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