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My latest addition on Instagram: street photography with smartphone

February 10, 2021
street photography Rome

This is my latest addition on Instagram, a photo taken many years ago with my iPhone while I was in metro in Rome. I like call this shot also “the human kebab”. I love the fact that hands have “different skin colors”. The cherry on top are the two shining rings in my opinion. This nice photo hit again my attention years later probably because we are living in this period with social distancing due to Covid-pandemia ¬†The only way I feel comfortable doing street photography in underground is using my smartphone. It is small, discreet, no one looks at you if you have a phone in the hands. You can pretend like you are texting or phoning while you are actually shooting a picture. I know it is a sneaking way to make street photography but in closed places full of people like a train I feel comfortable only in this way. Of course smartphone is good also in the common streets of the city to do street photography. What is important is rapidity in shooting and autofocus. Think that a great street photographer like Jeff Mermelstein left his Leica to shoot pictures with his iPhone. Essentially the best camera is those camera always with you. It must be small, practice and fast, as a smartphone of course.


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