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Last update on my Instagram: street photography #9

February 1, 2020
street photography instagram

I’d like to talk about my latest street photography update on my Instagram account. I took this shot with my Ricoh in summer ’19, I was going to Morricone’s concert with a friend of mine. It was evening and the weather was really hot. I saw this interesting character and suddenly I was attracted by his pose and sweat patches all over the shirt. I took about three shots cutting out of the frame his head for a more surreal shot. It was important for me keeping the hands inside the picture. The pose was really expressive in my opinion, I can feel the discomfort of the sweaty man. When I edited the shot I noticed a couple in the background; they were in the right place at the right moment. I like to think that the man in the foreground is surprising the two lovers in the act of kissing; maybe he is the girl’s father or her husband… With this background the picture become more complex, it has a story, an enigma to resolve or something similar. By the way this is only my personal interpretation of my own shot. I like “the geometrical elements” involved in the scene that can ben divided into triangular spaces. Probably the overall composition it’s a bit claustrophobic and personally I don’t like the grey tones of the foreground (personal gut): these are the major problems of that photo in my opinion.


street photography instagram



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