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Last update on Instagram: street photography #7

November 24, 2019
instagram street photography

Latest update on my InstagramĀ streetĀ photography: this shot was taken few months ago in Rome with my Ricoh GRIII, it was a sunny day, early morning. I’ve post-processed it using camera raw, silver Efex pro 2 (plugin) and photoshop. I was walking along the street when I’ve seen this women on the other side. She looked thoughtful with his face covered by this hat. The subject was particular, curious and odd, so I decided to take a candid portrait. Suddenly I crossed the street facing the women that was walking in the opposite sense. I quickly took different shoots trying to compose the scene with a minimal background isolating the woman to avoid distracting elements. I was happy whit the photo posted here (final version at the opening of that article), I was very very close to my subject and I’ve obtained a nice background too. I’ve posted here the complete series to share how I worked the scene.

1. First step

I was on the opposite sense (at the right side) when I saw her. Quickly I crossed the street turning in front of my subject. Then I started to take few shoots. These are the first, I was close.

instagram street photography

instagram street photography


2. Second step

I realized that the background was a problem, too many random and superfluous elements, I didn’t need them so I tried to cut off them. Better having the subject on my right with the street behind than on my left with many people on the sidewalk.

instagram street photography


3. Final step

Here is the final shot, a nice composition, I was very very close to my subject (shooted on Ricoh GRIII with an equivalent 27 mm on full frame). I was lucky to get the two road stripes directing to main subject’s face.

instagram street photography


That’s all folks


Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S

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