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Last update on Instagram: street photography #2

September 16, 2019
street photography instagram

Well, this is another article about my latest update on Instagram. Picture posted here was shooted to a friend of mine few weeks ago. Scene is spontaneous, subject is not posing for me. I’ve converted this image in BW increasing contrast and adding digital noise. I’ve shooted tilted my camera to obtain a more dramatic and dynamic composition. As usual I’ve taken different photos of the same scene and I’ve selected this one. I like the position of the head looking down and the perfect silhouette. The human face is well recognizable from the background and this is important for this kind of picture. The focus is the head. I’ve composed this image with the rule of golden angle, a composition used by also Henry Cartier Bresson. You can read more about it in this wonderful article blog by Eric Kim.

street photography instagram

My masters in cinema for silhouettes are the Oscar winner cinematographer Roger Deakins and the legend DOP,actor and director Orson Wells. Probably I’ll make an article about Wells’ cinematography studying frame taken from masterpiece as Citizen Kane. As street photographer I like the silhouettes taken by Fan Ho, another great master in photography. I suggest you to study these references to improve your skill in silhouettes. Study also HCB’s compositions to create piece of arts.


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