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A day of landscape photography: the blizzard

March 4, 2019
landscape photography

Piana di castelluccio (Gran Piano) is a wonderful plateau (1270 m.) in the Appennine mountains of central Italy; it’s located in Sibillini National Park (Umbria and Marche). In this awesome place there is also the mountain Vettore (2476 m, highest peak of Sibillini) and Castelluccio di Norcia, a small village that lies at 1450 meters, abandoned after a recent earthquake.

The Gran Piano is a wonderful place for landscape photography in each season of the year, but january and february are the two months which I prefer. From june to july you can appreciate the multicolor flowery on the plain.

In this article I’ve posted some pictures taken during and after a blizzard in winter (2016). It was a memorable day for me, full of powerfull emotions.

Landscape photography: blizzard in Gran Piano (Italy)

I was with a friend of mine, it was a wonderful sunny day, the weather was really good. Suddenly an icy wind came carrying some grey clouds. The cold came down on the plateau. It started to snow, more and more… After a few minutes the landscape was completely covered in snow. A heavy snow covered all. Temperatures reached -15/-20 C during the blizzard. It was really difficult to take pictures whit this weather condition but during and after the blizzard I’ve taken some good shots.

What I’ve used: Nikon D800, Nikkor 17-35mm, Nikkor 70-200mm, tripod Manfrotto, Lee filter Big and Little stopper (long expositions).

Here are some shots taken that day. Most photos were shooted after the blizzard. I love the sense of loneliness and silence…

Landscape photography

Landscape photography

Landscape photography

Landscape photography

Landscape photography

Landscape photography

Landscape photography

Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S


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