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Landscape photography: Iceland

June 14, 2019
landscape photography

Iceland, a nordic island with a population of 350.000 called also the land of fire and ice. A country characterized by deserts, geysers, rivers, glaciers, volcanos, cliffs, mountains, plains, ocean… Iceland is perfect for landscape photography, many images are “viral” on internet. It’s famous for his wonderful views but also his magic light in summer time with the “midnight sun”. Light is perfect for photography in that period. In autumn and winter you can see the awesome northern lights¬†and landscapes covered in snow. I’ve been in Iceland on summer 2015 for about two weeks. I’ve poste here my best shots during the travel. The photo posted at the beginning of this article is the wonderful Vestrahorn, rocky mountains in front of the ocean. I took this photo at sunrise, it was 5 a.m. I’ve used two GND Lee filters for the correct exposition.

Vik in long exposition, blu hour after sunset with wonderful and rare lenticular clouds in the sky. I’ve used Little and Big Stopper.


Vik, sunset. Love the minimalism and color palette of this photo.


Hvitserkur at sunrise, it was about 5-6 a.m. it was cold. The seascape change completely with flood in few hours. I’ve used GND filters to obtain the correct exposition between sky and foreground. The reflex decreases the dynamic range of the scene.


The glacier Jokursarlon at sunset. I like the reflex and the contrast between cold and hot colors. Light was wonderful.


Red sunset at Flatey island, it was around midnight. The sky was really awesome.


The incredible Seljalandsfoss at midday with long exposition.


Probably this shot is a clich√©, but I really wanted it! A nice minimalism in Skogafoss, like the contrast between the giant waterfall and the small man. The color red is fundamental to catch viewer’s eyes.


Dakota relict at sunset, it was around 4-5 a.m. I like the sad mood of this landscape.


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  • walker June 23, 2019

    I’ve never been there yet and I don’t know if I will ever go… meanwhile I like seeing the countless interpretations of this land through photography. I very much like the Skogafoss pic!

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