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Instagram: the worst feedback for your photography

March 18, 2020
instagram photography

Instagram, probably the worst feedback for your photography. Don’t choose a social platform as Instagram to share your works if you want to receive constructive suggestions. This is absolutely the wrong place to “test” your art. Don’t use “likes” or “followers” to test your capacity, this is not an indicative score. Instagram is based on stupid alghorytm, sometimes persons follow or like your contents because you’re following or liking their works, it’s a sort of stupid exchange of favors. Images are posted as small thumbnails watched on a smartphone screen so you cannot see all the details and the the real power of a photo. Try to watch the same picture in a big size, it’s a different thing. Talking about photography pictures with high contrast (silhouettes for examples) or vibrant colors literally pop out the screen receiving more likes; same for the overall view of a profile. Think that please, it’s a very stupid thing. If you try to change your art following the likes given bu users on social platform you are making a stupid mistake. This is really common unfortunately. Last but not least Instagram is full of people with different styles, guts… Many people don’t know nothing about a good or bad photo. So I suggest you to print your works and to create a personal website to share your ideas. Continue to use Instagram and Facebook but don’t use social to have a feedback of your art!

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