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Last update on Instagram: street photography #8

January 11, 2020
street photography Instagram

My latest street photography photo on my Instagram account was taken in Rome in 2019. I was going to Piazza Venezia when I saw this interesting subject on the other side of the street. Playing with shadows and lights I decided to under-exposed the photo creating a nice silhouette. I’ve taken different shots of that scene, this is the best one in my opinion for the child position with a  “triangular composition”. I was lucky enough to isolate my subject cutting off from the frame other people. I had a fix focal lens with wide angle, the picture was too minimal so I cropped it in post-production. I don’t like the background, big windows and textures with dark grey tones create confusion. I like the subject, a child with this two particular hangers. I used b/w to simplify details and to create a melancholy mood.

street photography Instagram

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