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Last update on Instagram: street photography #4

October 2, 2019
street photography instagram

Well, this is my last upload on my Instagram account. As usual it is again street photography in black and white. I’ve taken this picture during a wedding last month in Italy using my Ricoh GRIII. I’ve post-produced the shot with camera raw, photoshop and silver efexpro2 plugin. I’m not sure about the final result, probably I’ll try different solution in post-production. I’ve cropped a little piece at the bottom of the frame; there was too much empty space in my opinion. I like the emotion suggested by this photo. It is spontaneous, it seems a timeless picture. I’ve only few doubts about the perspective from above. I’ve taken a small series of three shots but this one is in my opinion the best one. I like the triangular composition of the elements in the scene. Fortunately the two childs were dressed in white.

street photography instagram



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