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I’m Francesco, a street photographer

April 16, 2024
Street photography

A few words about me and why I’ve created my personal website and blog. Well usually I never talk about me, I don’t like to do that. My name is Francesco and I’m a physician. Back in 2010 I fell in love with photography (before I hated it) which for me is a form of art, similar to painting and music. I don’t like thinking about photography as a documentary and journalistic medium but simply as artistic expression of ourselves. By the way from 2010 my love for photography grew alongside with passion for cinema, an increasing indissoluble combination (I am also a film critic in Italy). Shortly (very shortly) this is me.

Why This Blog? Why street photography

Now, you might wonder (or not) why I embarked on this enigmatic blog full of empty spaces and paintings. Firstly this is a photographic website, I share my pictures and visions;  but let me explain better my intentions. Social media platforms are good to reach and keep in touch with other photographers. With Instagram I discover such great street shooters. But there are many other things that simply I hate. I need a personal space where I make the rules; a personal channel where I can freely share my passion and vision about street photography making also strange parallelism with cinema and painting. From the beginning I’ve always favored my blog over my photography gallery on this website. Why, you ask? Perhaps because I’ve never quite deemed my gallery worthy of its own spotlight. I’ve always preferred to keep my pictures away in a quiet corner. And yet, the most indexed articles on my blog talk about art and cinema.

street photography

Capturing Emotions Through My Lens: A Personal Journey

My personal vision in photography transcends mere pixels and technicalities. For me, photography isn’t just about composition or lighting; it’s an intimate expression of my soul, a pure form of art. In a world dominated by social media and contests, we often find ourselves chasing trends and seeking validation. But what about our unique perspectives? Our personal truths? These are the very essence of artistry, something every artist should hone day by day. So, I asked again myself the same question, why this blog? Why a personal website? I yearned for a space where I could break free from the confines of imitation and conformity. Social platforms can be stifling, pushing us into well-worn molds.

street photography

My personal photography gallery

It’s time to give more visibility and importante to my works, my personal selection of an evolving photo gallery: a fusion of landscapes (though, alas, I’ve abandoned this genre for years) and, above all, street photography, the real essence of this blog. Step into my gallery, and you’ll sense the heartbeat of my style: emotion. Simple, unadulterated, human emotion. I strive to create images that resonate, that touch the very core of your being. Why do Ennio Morricone’s melodies bring tears to my eyes? How do Mark Rothko’s floating rectangles evoke anguish, fear, and profound feelings? Can street photography evoke the same visceral experience? I don’t have all the answers, but I’m trying to find them, creating emotions using a camera (or almost trying to do that) day by day. Once, on Instagram, a stranger messaged me. She confessed that one of my photos stirred an inexplicable urge to weep. She couldn’t pinpoint why; it simply reached into her soul, powerful and haunting. I understood that probably I was doing the right thing directing my photography directly at people’s heart.

Here is the picture I’m talking about.

street photography Rome

When you look at my street photographs, you’re not merely facing a simple arrangement of pixels forming an image; you’re also glimpsing my most intimate essence, my very self. Or at least, that’s my intention. If I’m not conveying anything of myself to you, it’s likely either because you’re not attuned to the right sensitivity or because more likely I’m erring in my photography. Luck? Yes, it plays its big part, as I recently shared in another article.



That’s all folks


 Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S


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