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How I made the series of prayer man: street photography

November 25, 2021
street photography Rome

I’d say something more about one of my latest pictures published in this blog in street photography section. The subject was this wonderful street prayer that I met in Rome in front of Fontana di Trevi. It was June 2020, streets were almost empty due to recent lockdown for Covid-19. This man was reading a religious book in a scenic way between tourists. I was with my Ricoh and flash mounted on it so I started to take pictures. I was a bit afraid because the subject was very strange and I didn’t know how he could react. But something told me that he wanted to be photographed. So I started to take some pictures of him and I noticed he liked that thing.

He started to pose for me so I could take a posed portrait of him with my flash, something that I love to do. So I started from different angles, trying to work the scene a bit. Image posted below is in my opinion the best shot of the series. I love the flash light, his expression and details like the book, the cross, the way he kept the book with his hand and finally the trumpet with paper inside.

street photography Rome

After a while I stopped to do this, I thanked him and I continued to take pictures around. After I thought “what a great subject, I have posed portraits, what about taking pictures of him next to other people in a spontaneous way?”. I realized that I could take a surreal shot from that scene. This time he didn’t care about me and that was perfect for my intent. So I obtained the shot posted below, the street prayer next to a tourist who was taking pictures of Trevi. I was happy with this photo, the background was good, I liked his pose. This scene is dynamic and dramatic at the same time, I love the contrast between the prayer and the tourist, it is so strange and surreal.

Street photography Rome

That was perfect. I liked this image soo much and I added this one to my street gallery (hall of fame).

While here is the whole series of shot. I took 19 photos of the same subject, maybe I could something more but I was with flash and I didn’t want to bother him with the light.

street photography Rome

That’s all folks


 Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S


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