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Find the zen making street photography

April 11, 2019
street photography emotions

Try to stop a moment and think why you’re doing street photography. Is it for like on facebook and instagram? Is it only to take beautiful photos? Of course no. For me there is much more than this. First of all when I go out to make street photography I enjoy the air and the beauty of Rome, the city where I live. I like to walk for hours, is good for my health and I meditate all the time about a lot of things. At the same time I like listen to music with my new bluetooth headphones.

street photography zen

So if i go out to make photos I have all these “vantages”: walk, watch, think, listen to music… If I’ve the only idea to take good street shots probably I’d probably go home frustrated. Infact, as Alex Webb said, it is about 99,9% failure. Most of the time I don’t take any good shots, only a lot of f***ing sh**ts. So this is not my primary goal because it would be frustrating.

street photography zen

I’ve a zen approach when I take pictures on the street. It’s something like: go out for a walk, enjoy people and fresh air, enjoy Rome, have a cofee, have fun making street photography, try to think that you’re a movie director or director of photography and shot your “stage”. Don’t think to the quality and quantity of photos you’ve taken. Think that when you’re doing street photography¬† you don’t waste your time because you’re refining your skills, maybe you’re connecting with strangers. At the end of the day you’re walking a lot and this is good for you health.

street photography zen

Take photos for yourself. Don’t think to modern standards in social media. Shot what you really like, if you don’t do this you will never be free as photographer, and you’ll never be a real artist. Street photography is not a competition! Today there are too many photo contests and we are losing the sense of making photos. Have fun, try new styles, take artistic selfies, enjoy the contrast between lights and shadows around you…

street photography zen


Embrace the day, have a zen approach in life and in your art. Think you’re going out for a walk, do not force yourself to take photos. Shot how and when you feel.


Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S


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