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My favorite street photography websites

September 5, 2019
kline and moriyama street photography

In this article I’ve posted my favorite street photography websites. It is only a personal ranking. I’ve selected different kind of websites, from blog to street collectives. Studying other great photographers and being influenced by their art is important to improve our style and vision. In this article I’ll talk only about sources on the web. Enjoy it.

Street photography blogs

The reason why I’m here, a blog. I learned a lot reading street photographer’s blogs. My favorite is probably the most famous, the Eric Kim‘s blog, a master in street photography.

Eric Kim

I can say that Eric Kim is my virtual master of street photography. His blog is a sort of Bible for street photographers, but he talks also about art, painting, philosophy, personal thoughts about life, cinema, book’s review and so on. He has published a lot of free e-books. His shots are free for download in high-res. I’ve started my blog thanks to Eric Kim, he has inspired me 100%. Obviously I admire his works, he is a great street photographer with an unique approach to strangers in the street. He made also workshops, unfortunately always far from my home. He make videos, smartphone cameras reviews… He is a full time street photographer and blogger; infact he left his work (that probably he hated) to do this all time. Eric Kim has abandoned social to dedicate his time to his blog and visual art. He publishes about 4-5 articles each day, his website is always active. He writes in different moments, on holiday, during a travel… He changes style of his blog frequently. I suggest to follow him, here his direct link: Eric Kim Blog.

JT in Seoul

I know Josh White’s blog thanks to Eric Kim. His website is so artistic but unfortunately he publishes only a few articles. I love his unique style and wonderful post-production. He takes a lot of photos of his lover and family. In such way Josh White doesn’t do simple street photography, he photographs his life. This concept is awesome in my opinion. He is a great inspiration to me. Once a year he makes the “24hours street photography challenge” publishing at the end an article on his blog about this. Essentially he tries to go around and take photographs for about 24 hours using different cameras. You can find more here at his personal website: JT in Seoul.


Street Hunters

Probably more than a simple blog, less than a collective. It is composed by a group of street photographers of different countries. There is a blog section, videos, contests, workshops… My favorite section is the one with videos where Spyros Papaspyropoulos (co-founder of Street Hunters) shoots street photography with other people all around the world. Really interesting also the articles blog and contests. More here: Street Hunters

Street photography collectives

This is a modern concept, born in 2000 with the first famous collective of street photographers called In-Public. Essentially a collective must have a manifesto which is a sort of common thoughts about street photography. But pay attention: some groups of street photographers born with the idea to say: “we are a selective collective of good street photographers, we do workshops, sell prints and so on..“. Of course this is wrong! Here I’ve posted street photography collectives that I personal admire but there are many more out of this personal list. I like photos showed on these websites, I think these are all great examples of modern street photography. I didn’t mention different important collectives  as InQuadra, Italian street eyes, International street photography and many more because for me these groups are good but not at the top of the list (personal opinion).


Let’s start with the first one, founded in 2000 and “closed” on October 2018 for an internal disagreement. Website and instagram account are still online. This is the official announcement you can read when you open website.

in-public was the first Street Photography collective, it was founded in 2000 and ran for 18 years until October 2018. A disagreement between the members made it impossible for the group to continue in its present form. The site is now archived as a resource as it was just prior to the end and will no longer be updated. You can follow the new un-public group on their Instagram here > https://www.instagram.com/upphotographers

So it started as traditional and developed as more innovative in the last years. Many members disagreed with new ideas so the group was dissolved. Here is the link to website In-public. You can find old articles and members’ galleries.

Burn my eye

Absolutely one of my favorite street photography collective, a group still alive and active with great photographers as members. Link to website: Burn my eye



In my opinion the best italian Street photography collective founded by the great Umberto Verdoliva. Last addition is the talented Elisa Tomaselli, judge at MSPF 2019. She creates surreal photos using flash and “long” exposures. Stefano Mirabella is another member of this groupo, active photographer in Italy and Rome with his workshops. Here is the link Spontanea.

Observe collective

Another great international Street photography collective with also a printed magazine avaible on their website. You can finde more here Observe Collective.


The Street collective

One of the best Street collective in the world. Members are often judges in international Street photography awards as ISPF and MSPF. In particular I like the works of Chu Viet Ha, Gabi Ben, Forrest Walker, Vineet Vohra, Yves Vernin and Fabian Schreyer. More at The Street collective.


Street photography magazines

Websites with digital/printed magazine about street photography. I suggest to take a look to Apf magazine, with a paid subscription for a very interesting digital magazine with photos and interviews; a way to know interesting works of other photographers. Interesting also Void Tokyo, that is a Japan collective with  members as Tatsuo Suzuki. I don’t like their website but their printed magazine is interesting, really great street shots. Last but not least here is Eyeshot Magazine, an Italian publication. You can try to submit your works to this website to try the chance to be featured in their digital/printed magazine but also in a gallery in their website and Instagram. Eyeshot Magazine try to select the best about the modern street photography. The magazine is really interesting, each edition has a different subject/theme in street photography. On their website you can buy digital/printed magazine and watch beautiful online gallery by different street photographers. In my opinion actually this is the best and the most various selection of modern street photography on a magazine.


Street photography festivals

Street photography festivals take place in different country of the world. Most famous are in Miami, San Francisco, London, Belgium, Rome, Milan… Fortunately this festivals have also interesting websites in which you can see the finalists and winners of past editions. This is a great source to study and be inspired with works of other street photographers. I suggest you to read more about Miami street photography festival, London street photography festival, Italian street photography festival, Streetphoto San Francisco… Probably the most famous is the Miami street photography festival.


Websites about street photography, reportage and more

Magnum photography

Probably the best. the Bible of street photography and reportage. The Magnum photographers are my best inspiration. I’m talking about Henry Cartier Bresson, Elliot Erwitt, Robert Capa, Alex Webb, Steve McCurry, Bruce Gilden, Ferdinando Scianna, Renè Burri, Joseph Koudelka and many more… In their website you can see their works, read articles, buy books, prints… I suggest ‘u to buy the online course The art of street photography. Probably it is a bit expensive but quality is high and the course is really helpful and instructive.



Street photography and more. An interesting website with a lot of articles about interview, works, contests in photography. A large section for street photography. This is a sort of online free magazine, very interesting.


That’s all folks


Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S


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