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Embrace the imperfection in street photography and life

March 12, 2024
street photography

Street photography has been more than an artistic pursuit; it’s been a life teacher as I said also in previous blog posts. It’s whispered lessons about imperfection and the raw spontaneity of the moment. In the footsteps of great masters like Robert Frank and Daido Moriyama, I’ve learned that a blurry or slightly unfocused photo isn’t necessarily one to discard. Robert Frank’s “The Americans” and Daido Moriyama’s gritty Tokyo shots teach us to embrace the rawness. Their blurred edges and unpolished frames reveal the pulse of life—the heartbeat of the streets.

Clarity is not what photography is about (Daido Moriyama)


Daido Moriyama street photography
Daido Moriyama

 American Beauty

Have you ever seen the stunning movie American Beauty by Sam Mendes with Kevin Spacey as main character? This film is exactly the idea that I have about beauty in real life and street photography. The essence of that film lies in the scene where an envelope is gently carried by the wind, accompanied by the beautiful soundtrack composed by Thomas Newman. The moment, recorded with a simple low budget camera, is stunning and thrilling at the same time. It’s like when you take a good picture with a simple camera, what it is important is the picture itself.

street photography

The imperfect and spontaneous beauty of candid moments

Street photography thrives on capturing life unfiltered. It’s not about pristine compositions or pixel-perfect clarity. Sometimes, the magic lies in the imperfections—the grainy textures, the unexpected blur, the fleeting glances. The streets are unpredictable. Moments unfold swiftly, and we must be ready to seize them. A hastily snapped shot, imperfectly framed, can hold more truth than a meticulously planned setup. Do not look for quality or crazy geometric compositions. Just be yourself with a simple camera and click the shutter when you feel it’s the right moment! Street photography is about storytelling, emotion, and connection. In the digital age, where algorithms favor perfection, let’s celebrate the imperfect. Street photography isn’t about flawless pixels; it’s about capturing the heartbeat of humanity.

street photography

Street Photography: Beyond the Lens – Confidence Over Costly Gear

Do not look for a better camera, you have to look for a best way to take pictures. While brand-name, ultra-expensive cameras promise sharpness and efficiency, let’s debunk the myth that they’re essential for outstanding photos. Heart, emotions, not the price tag, are the true secrets in art and street photography. You have to focus on honing your skills, searching for good light, and capturing moments. The best camera is the one you have always with you—the one you’re comfortable using. So, don’t fall for the advertising trap that insists you need an expensive camera for better photos. Trust your vision, embrace your gear, and hit the streets with confidence! EMBRACE THE IMPERFECTION.


street photographystreet photography

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