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Daido Moriyama How I take photographs – book review

November 4, 2019
Daido Moriyama book review

Well, I’ve just bought and read the new book Daido Moriyama How I take photographs written by Takeshi Nakamoto, about Daido Moriyama’s snapshots. Essentially this book isn’t only about street photography. The idea behind this project was “to translate on paper” different shooting sessions on the street of the great photographer Daido Moriyama.

Daido Moriyama book review

Here is the official description of the book: Take an inspiring walk with legendary photographer Daido Moriyama while he explains his groundbreaking approach to street photography. For over half a century, Moriyama has provided a distinct vision of Japan and its people. Here he offers a unique opportunity for fans to learn about his methods, the cameras he uses, and the journeys he takes with a camera.

Looking at some specs:

  • Weight: 431 g
  • 208 pages
  • Editor: Laurence King Pub; 01 edizione (8 luglio 2019)
  • Price: 14,99
  • Dimensions: 5.8 x 0.8 x 8 inches
  • Language: English

Daido Moriyama book review

Book is divided into 5 main chapters plus an introduction and a final chapter about Daido Moriyama himself. There are different text pages but also bw and color photos taken in the various sessions. Essentially each chapter is a different location, a different shooting day with Takeshi Nakamoto asking some advices and thoughts about photography to Daido Moriyama; it’s a sort of interview. Daido tells us a lot of interesting things like his “philosophy” about snapshots, digital vs analogic, photographic gut and vision… In the book Daido takes photos in the city, inside a car, in Highway, in airport… We can say that he photographs always and everywhere in each moment of his life.

Daido Moriyama book review

The book is innovative and has a great idea. Daido Moriyama: how I take photographs leaves something inside us and this is the most important thing. Reading this book was a positive experience for me, I’ve learnt many important “lessons”. The photos published inside are “simple snapshot”, don’t think to buy a normal book about Daido Moriyama. Unfortunatly the book isn’t perfect and there are also some negative aspects. For example layout and print quality aren’t good enough; probably this is the worst aspect of How I take photographs. In some parts of the book when talking Daido gets lost in a sort of stream of consciousness that creates a bit of confusion with the basic idea of the chapter; moreover the book is really really quick to read.

Daido Moriyama book review


Final Thoughts:

Daido Moriyama: how take photographs is a good and original book. Price is ok, contents are good. Print quality and layout are really bad, text is short.

Vote: 7/10


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