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Cross in art: photography, cinema, painting and music

September 13, 2021
cross in art

A small gallery about the representation of cross in art: how it is interpreted by different artists in painting, photography, cinema and also music. I like the way cross is represented in different style and contexts.

About painting:




cross in art


cross in art


cross in art
Edvard Munch


cross in art
Salvator Dali

Read something more about following painting by Rembrandt here.

cross in art


cross in art

In the famous Caravaggio’s Vocazione di San Matteo (following image) you can notice the cross reference looking at window in the highest part of the scene. The symbolism is underlined also by the beautiful light which probably is a divine sign.

cross in art

About photography:

An humor and ironic shot with a strong contraposition between sacred and profane: this is Elliot Erwitt’s style.

cross in art
Elliot Erwitt

Again a fusion between cross and light as the symbolism in Caravaggio. This is by Richard Sandler, a beautiful and theatrical picture taken in the streets of NYC.

cross in art
Richard Sandler

About cinema:

One of the first scene of Hateful eight directed by Quentin Tarantino.

cross in art
Hateful eight

Robert De Niro in Cape Fear directed by Martin Scorsese.

cross in art
Cape Fear

Something about music:

cross in art
Guns N’ Roses





cross in art


That’s all folks


 Stay well, have always light in your life


Best, F.S


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