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Best of may 2020: street photography

August 3, 2021
street photography Rome

Finally it happens. I “marinate” so long my photos that I’ve to edit yet pictures taken in the streets about one year ago. I think I will keep this method also in the future. In June 2o21 I’ll edit pictures taken in June 2o20 and so on. In fact in may 2021 I’ve edited photos taken in may 2o2o and I’ve decided to be really merciless with my work selecting only the best. I decide to create this sort of rubric, with personally best pictures taken month by month.

Let’s start with may 2020 which is a particular month for myself but also for other people. In may 2020 in Italy the lockdown due to covid-19 ended. So I returned in the streets to take pictures. That is an horrible period to be a street photographer: no tourists, less people in the streets with faces covered by masks. I have a lot of frustration with my street photography and covid-19 made the situation even worse. The positive thing is that I continue to make street photography because it is so important to me, like eat and sleep.

But let’s see something in practice. May 2020 was a particular difficult month with empty streets anyway these are my personally best pictures and I’m so satisfying with them.

street photography Rome

street photography Rome

street photography Rome

street photography Rome

street photography Rome

The following picture is the best one, surrealism and humor in the same scene. I added this picture to my gallery with best shots 

street photography

I like the concept expressed by the following photo. It is like an omen, a black cloud which anticipates the bad winter we have had with the spreading of covid-19 in the whole country (and world). 

street photography Rome

street photography Rome


That’s all folks


 Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S

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