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Art and street photography: first recap

April 7, 2019
Cezanne photography

Here is a quick re-cap about art articles written by me. This blog (started on february 2019) is centered on street photography and landscape photography. But i love to make parallelisms between photography, painting and cinema. I think to improve our photography we have to look to other art as painting and movie. Studying compositions, gestures, lights, colors in other arts we can really make better when we “practice” our art, the street photography.

Don’t look only to master like Henry Cartier Bresson. Study also painting and cinema to reach next level as a complete artist. Last but not least, i love cinema, painting and all the arts. I really like to study these things regardless the idea to improve my skills in street photography.

I’ve post in this article links about art (painting) written by me in this blog. This is a first re-cap of previous article. Hope you enjoy it. I’ve talked about surrealism, red in art, Edward Hopper, Paul Cézanne and Vincent Van Gogh. Probably next


1. Surrealism in painting, street photography and cinema

Street photography surrealism
Renè Magritte


2. Red in photography, painting and cinema

red photography, painting, cinema
Henry Matisse


3. Loneliness: Edward Hopper and street photography

street photography hopper
Edward Hopper


4. Study Cézanne for your photography

Cezanne photography
Paul Cézanne


5. Finding a style in your photography: study Vincent Van Gogh’s last painting

Style photography Van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh


Lose your control when you make street photography. Enjoy the light, enjoy the people, enjoy the journey, enjoy the life. Think to compositions, colors and subjects of great master of photography but look also to painter’s works. Enjoy it.


Art for art’s sake, l’art pour l’art, ars gratia artis…


Hope you stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S


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