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A magic moment in the streets of Rome: street photography

September 11, 2023
street photography Rome

It was a really great moment in the streets, about 2-3 years ago in Rome, Italy. In my opinion one of my best street photography moment in Rome. I’m posting only in these days this small story. I was doing street photography, it was covid period; I was alone in the street of Rome, in downtown. Streets were almost empty due to covid-19 pandemia, I was with my fuji xe-3, a very rare period in which I was motivated despite the empty streets. Indeed I took photos every days in that period, ¬†while unfortunately today I really can’t .

By the way it was a cool and quiet morning in Rome when I seen that beautiful and magic moment. There was this women dancing in the air with her eyes closed. She was so involved in this dance that she couldn’t see or hear nothing behind her.

At first I remember as usual I was a bit shy so I tried to catch quickly two-three shots of the moment. But after I retraced my steps taking courage and so I started to take candid photos of her, I was really close to her. She doesn’t notice me, she continued to dance closing eyes. So peaceful, so beautiful.

Personally I love this moment, and I like the result in photos. Love also the background showing a city that goes on as every day. It was as time stopped for that women, I could feel a magical electricity in the air, rare moment, it make me remind the beautiful moment with a bag dancing in the air in American Beauty (timeless masterpiece).

Here are a selection with two photos.

street photography Rome

street photography Rome


I select this picture for my gallery with my best shot in the streets.


That’s all folks


 Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S


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