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A little girl plays: smartphone street photography in Rome

December 4, 2021
street photography Rome

Few days ago I was going to gym while I met this nice opportunity. So I took my smartphone¬†photographing a small sequence. This is a great example why in street photography the best camera is that one that is always with you. How many hours I go out to do street photography in Rome and I turn back home with nothing while that day I wasn’t taking pictures but streets gave me this wonderful moment. You must be always ready in street photography, always a camera with you, smartphone is obviously perfect. The right moment is just behind the corner!

I posted below the three shots selected.

street photography Rome

street photography Rome

street photography Rome


Here you can see as small thumbnails the whole sequence. I was walking and shooting at the same time without altering the scene as usual.

street photography Rome


That’s all folks


 Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S


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