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2020: new purposes in my landscape and street photography

January 5, 2020
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I’m actually satisfied with¬†my landscape and street photography, but I think I can do (and I have to do) something more, better than this. I started taking photographs in may 2010 with my first camera, a Nikon D3000, a small reflex entry-level. Currently I live in a big city in Italy, Rome; so at first I started making street photography and after I “fallen in love” with landscape photography abandoning the streets. Street photography became frustrating for me, I was nervous about taking photos of strangers. Moreover I started to hate Rome’s roads, always full of cars.

snapshots Monday

So I started taking landscape photographs in travel or during the week-end reaching wonderful place near home (about 3 hours by car as max). I am fascinated by the beautiful of nature and also by the weather conditions, better if extreme. I enjoyed the process, wake up early in the morning 2-3 hours before the sunrise surrounded by silence and cold, driving alone, waiting for the best golden light in awesome places. After few years again I felt frustrated also with my landscape photography; most of the time I was unlucky with weather and light conditions, and then it became physically and mentally hard photographing in the only day of rest from my work.

zen photography

I realized that many places were viral on internet, so essentially I was taking photos that were copy of a copy of another copy. And I was not satisfied at 100% by my expensive gears. I was not satisfied by the post-production of my works. Suddenly I decided to make again street photography changing my style, getting closer to people. I asked myself why I photographed people, which was my style and so on. About 2-3 years ago I started to practice more seriously street photography, it became part of my life in such way.

Once upon a time in the west

Landscape photography is more a personal experience, street photography is a personal expression. It is something more deep and intimate. I bought a new camera, a mirrorless and I started taking photos also with my smartphone with awesome results. I had my frustrations and scary moments in the street but today I’m really here, more determined than ever. I felt finally I’ve found a style and I’m happy with my photos. But I felt that this is not enough, I want more…

2020: my landscape and street photography

Basically these are my purposes in street photography:

  • getting closer to strangers.
  • feeling more comfortable in the streets.
  • interacting with people.
  • shoot more and more and more: that is the most important point. I’ve to do more practice, I’ve to win the fear, the tiredness and the boredom finding the desire and the strength to photograph as much as possible.
  • Last but not the least: one day I hope people will cry in front of my street shots. Emotions are my best goal. Yes I want that one day people will cry looking at my works. I envied Mark Rothko because some persons cried in front of the human drama of his canvas.
  • Travel, travel, travel.

About my landscape photography:

  • Practice: more than other things, in the last two years I’ve taken rarely landscape photos only with my smartphone.
  • Buy a new wide angle lens (my 17-35mm is actually broken) and a 15 ND filter without dominant colors in long-exposition.
  • Find a more personal style, avoiding viral place and searching something new.
  • Travel, travel, travel.

I’ve planned the first trip of the year, it will be on February, about 12 days in a cold country… I’ll make landscape and street photography together, I hope with snow. Stay tuned…

That’s all folks

Stay well, have always light in your life

Best, F.S

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