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007 No time to die review

September 29, 2021
No time to die review

Yesterday I watched in press preview the last chapter of Bond saga: 007 No time to die, maybe the last movie with Daniel Craig (first one was Casinò Royale in 2006). This preview was made in Rome, they gave me also a beautiful gadget: the wonderful Aston Martin as key holder of course. Here is some pictures from last night.

No time to die review

No time to die review

No time to die review

007 No time to die: personal thoughts in my review

What can I say about this 007. First of all I’m really happy because there are some scenes set in Italy, Matera (Spectre, the previous chapter was in Rome).  Second: the movie is aesthetically beautiful. Good photography with nice cold and hot colors, silhouettes, golden light, shadows and lights and so on. Technically is similar to Skyfall with Rodger Deakins as DOP. I love also scenography, with beautiful places all around the world: Matera, Jamaica, Norway… I like also the camera point of view with aerial shots, pano views and the camera movements as rotations, scrolling that are really important to enter inside the action. Awesome close ups on characters’ faces, at least three or more of them are excellent (one in the first scenes and another one in the ending). Beautiful soundtracks by Hans Zimmer with the main theme played in the intro by Billie Eilish. I like also the ending of the movie, emotionally powerful.

No time to die review
No time to die: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Columbia Pictures, EON Productions, Danjag LLC

But we have also many negative aspects. First of all No time to die is too much long, about 3 hours for a spy story/action movie is too much. 3 hours are good for movies like Dune or The lord of the rings, epic films but please not for an action movie like this one. The plot is simple and predictable, an usual pretext to tell a story in an action movie. I don’t like also the two villains: Blofeld  the boss of Spectre (Christoph Waltz) and  Safir (Rami Malek), a new enigmatic character.

I think James Bond is more than a movie agent, it is a sex symbol with his smokings, Aston Martin, Seamasters watch, gadgets and beautiful bind-girls around him. He is more charismatic than other agent as Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) in Missione Impossible and Jhon Wick (Keanu Reeves). Each oo7 movie repeats the same things like a ritual: the destruction of Aston Martin, the sex with a beautiful girl, the opening scene and song, the Martini, the technological gadgets and so on… Public want to sea the same things in each movie because it is a sort of tradition. 007 No time to die respects this wonderful tradition, so the fan of the saga will be happy to hear that!!!

Go to watch the last Bond in Cinema!!!

Final Vote: 7/10



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